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Company Bus Transport Services in Singapore
AZ Bus provides the ideal company bus transport services to ferry factory workers to and from your workplace. We have been in the business for the past 29 years and are hence well equipped to handle everyday issues related to transportation on our island city. We also keep professional mechanics in our workshop, which ensures that you can be assured of optimum comfort and safety when you are being shuttled to and fro. What's more, our overall operation costs are also lower, as we have our very own workshop here, to see to regular maintenance and repair. This leads to higher savings as well as increased value for our customers.
Factory Workers Shuttle Service Singapore
AZ Bus provides excellent bus services, which rank high on not just comfort but also safety. Choose us as your transport service provider if you are seeking a shuttle service that is affordable, safe and reliable. We are equipped to meet your needs every single time, thanks to our fleet of 100 well-maintained buses, and also come with highly-professional members of staff who will see to your wellbeing and safety at all given times. You can count on us as the perfect transport provider at all given times as we provide excellent services, and always customise our services to adhere to your requirements.

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